March 31, 2009

"A lucky charm"

You must visit My helping hands , a site for avitars, banners, ads and more. Anne, also of Made for me by Oaklie , is the creator of this entity. I was lucky enough to win a free ad layout and four ad listings. I have sold five pieces within just one day of the ads being listed, there are no guaranteed sales, but I have to say that "Anne is my lucky charm!"

March 26, 2009

I won a giveaway!

I won a pair of earrings from, Youniquely Chic on the American Craft Guide's, I Heart Handmade Spring Virtual Craft Show giveaway! Click on the links to visit Youniquely Chic's shop on Etsy or to shop The I heart Handmade Show.

I'm featured on Made it myself !

I've been featured today on made it myself ning, what's my story? "here it is"

Hi, I'm Kandace Tisdale a.k.a. Kandio,
I live in "The Windy City", Chicago, Illinois. I have two wonderful children, Nathan 13, and Claudia 9. I am a Real Estate Developer, I have been building single family homes for the last ten years, designing timeless interiors and exteriors including my own.
I majored in fashion design at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago. I managed a high end fashion design company called Su-zen for seventeen years.
Besides jewelry and being a web junkie in my spare time, I luv entertaining, pottery, drawing and playing classical music on the piano.
My luv for the creative arts started back as far as I can remember, my Mom was a concert pianist, painter and literary Artist, my Dad indulged in singing opera, my older brother was a lead guitarist, writer and all out rock star and my sister a dancer, MTRIP. I used to dig up clay in the back yard to make sculptures, designed paperdoll clothes and would draw till my crayons were nubs.
Many of you on MIM unknowingly have inspired and motivated me to develop further into creating and promoting my jewelry, thank you, Anne, Kerri, Lise and Nathalie.

Kandi- O Designs

March 24, 2009

sweet purchase!

I purchased this rockin fiesta scarf from
"Made for Me by Oaklie"
the colors are fantastic, pinks, purples, greens and oranges, all my favs. This scarf goes perfect with my sorbet earrings!

March 23, 2009

scaling down

I'm adding to my jewelry line pieces that are smaller, more affordable and easy to wear for everyday.
This is a challenge for me because I stray toward the big, bold and colorful.

March 11, 2009

A great artist community!

American Craft Guide Community is a great place for handcrafters  and those who luv to buy handcrafted goods. There are such wonderful, helpful and creative people here and many opportunities for promoting and selling. 

March 7, 2009

Stop by and visit!! Cafe handmade Virtual Craft Show!

You can sit back in PJ's or all decked out, grab a cup of coffee and browse from the comfort of your own home.To purchase items simply click on the artisans name and you will be brought to their online shop.Lots of great shops!!!
Cafe Handmade Button 3

Non payment on sale

I had my first non-payment on a sale the other day.Has anyone else had to deal with a non payment on a sale? How did you handle it?
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