December 26, 2009


Congrats! to Crystal of Kizz Designs who is the winner of a  free Caps! necklace of her choice, by joining my Visionary Art Caps! facebook  fan page. Thanks for the support!

December 23, 2009

Impression and presentation

Have you ordered something and have been completely taken in by the product and the packaging? When I was in the fashion business doing the Pret in New York, presentation was key to catching a prospective buyer, and of course having a quality product. I do my fair share of buying, and receiving a product in impressive,creative or pretty packaging adds that extra WOW, creating a distinctive image and lasting impression on your customer. Next time you make a sale, think about the big picture, when your product arrives, is your customer going to be as impressed with your packaging, as with the piece they purchased?

December 16, 2009

Way behind

 I'm way behind in supporting my fellow group 3 bloggers on Creative Bloggers
Check out whats cooking in our group.

1. Shelley of I'm Still Standing.  Shelley's blog is a trip through her family life as a special needs mom and shows how creative she is in everything she does.Check out Shelley's blog at

2. Visit  Marilyn's blog at

3. Michelle at

4. One of the co-founders of this group and jewelry designer, Annette. . Have a look at her new blog or her    shop.,
5. Karen makes lovely bags.
6. Tonya of Lucky Girl.
7. Viktoria of VisArt. She is a polymer clay artist with some really unique pieces.
    visit her blog here: and her shop here:
8. Nancy's blog at
9. Sandy of Midnight Creations . Sandy creates purses, totes, and accessories. See her blog at:, Her store is at:

10. Phersmay of The Precious Willow, See her blog at

December 7, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow

The first snowfall is here in Chicago. Driving down the street under the trees is just beautiful, it's like being under a huge white frosty arch. We only have about three inches, but I thought to share a few snowy pictures with everyone. There's a kind of peace that comes with the snow here.

December 2, 2009

Weekend show

I held a private craft show this past weekend with, Lydia's by design, who had her hand crafted decoupage pieces and toxic ink, with her unique graphic prints. The turn out was not bad, everyone wanted to have a party, which it turned out to be, but "thank goodness", I do have some great friends who really support "all things art related" that purchased lots of Kandi-o designs and Visionary Art Caps! pieces. I'm thinking to do one more before Christmas, or maybe I should throw a party and then sell, hmmmm, lol.
                  toxic ink's, "Classic Cameo" art print
               Lydia's by design

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