July 11, 2009

What I was working on in June

I did'nt design much jewelry in June, I was busy with my interior design and development co. I don't usually take on remodels, but the financial times call for it. I wanted to share with you the finished product.
I selected Ikea cabinets
, multi colored glass backsplash, green butterfly granite, Benjamin Moore overcast for the walls and Nora drop lighting, I reinstalled the old appliances to keep the cost down.


  1. Lovely remodel--it's looks warm and friendly (and like a big job!) Well done!

  2. Thanks Karen, small but cozy and functional.

  3. Some people can think that the first picture is "after" - it was a quite modern line. But I like colorful result. Thinking about my home... I have a problem with interior decoration


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