August 8, 2009

Creative Bloggers

I belong to The Creative Bloggers Community on Ning, supporting other creative people by blogging. I am the first blog to be featured in my group. One member from each group is chosen weekly to be the 'featured' blogger, while visiting the featured blog, you leave a comment on at least one of their blog posts, then write a blog post, making a reference to and linking to the particular blog post that you have chosen from the featured blog. As a result of your regular participation, you will see an increase in traffic, comments, search engine ranking, technorati rank, followers and subscribers. Come check it out my fellow crafters!


  1. Thanks for the great write up on Creative Bloggers:)

  2. Hi Kandi,
    I'm so sorry I missed your big day last week! My life has been a bit nuts, after you stop by my blog, you will understand.. :)Anyhow it is nice to meet you, following you now from creative bloggers group, you have beautiful stuff! i love looking at the etsy community, so many wonderful and creative people like yourself on there!


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