February 14, 2010

Thanks for the blogger awards!

Thanks! Julie from Creations with Heart for giving me this Kreativ Blogger award!! and London from Outta sight for giving me the Sunshine blogger award!!
The recipient of the Kreativ blogger award is challenged to list 7 things about them that readers may not know, so here goes nothing.

1.  I am a gaming junky on and off line, I just finished Kingdom Hearts 358/2 on the Nintendo DS
2.  I'm a huge sci-fi fan, Smallville, Hero's
3.  I've been a huge Prince fan since 15,  I traveled the states to see him perform for years.
4.  I make a great turkey lasagna
5.  I play classical music on the piano,"without lessons" since I was 4. My Mom was a concert  pianist, she would guide me while cooking dinner in the kitchen. 
6.  I am a minimalist, "I hate clutter"
7.  I like being busy

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1 comment:

  1. Awesome to know more Kandio.... a gamer? hahaha do you have a Xbox? you could pay with my kids....hahaha
    and i have clutter too..8)
    wish i could hear you play the piano.

    Have a great day...still luving my cap it gold!


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